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Adobe Illustrator Training

Adobe Illustrator is a vector based drawing program. Because of its vector graphics based accuracy and scalability Illustrator is widely used for typography, logo design, illustration, diagrams and charts. It is also used for pattern making, fashion design and technical drawing. Unlike image formats – such as gif, jpeg and tiff – vector images are not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, they use mathematical equations to draw out the shapes. This makes vector graphics scalable without any loss of resolution.

This lossless scaling makes the application a much better option for companies concerned with branding than using image-editing software. Our one day Illustrator training courses will enable you to create precise, scalable, graphical and typographical designs with ease. If you don’t yet have Adobe Illustrator you can download a free trial of the Adobe software.


Our Adobe Illustrator Courses

We offer a range of different Illustrator course levels to choose from. Depending on any existing skills you may have, you can pick the course that’s right for you. If you’ve never used Illustrator before, start with our one-day introductory course. If you’ve already been using Adobe Illustrator and creating designs for a while, begin with our Intermediate course. Improve your workflow and gain advanced drawing skills and pro shortcuts with our advanced Illustrator course. Even experienced graphic designers will learn something new on this course.

Book one of our Adobe Illustrator training courses and gain the skills you need to create stunning logos, precise designs and beautiful vector graphics. Find your ideal course below; make your selection to view the full course details.



We also offer private, bespoke training courses for individuals and small groups seeking more specific Adobe Illustrator training. We offer this at our studios or on-site at your premises. If you are unsure which web course is the right one for you please contact us for a consultation.


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