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Adobe Photoshop Training

Our Photoshop courses are delivered at our London Adobe Authorised Training Centre to guarantee you the very best learning experience. Learn to use this powerful application through our training programme of practical, one day courses. Our Photoshop training courses will enable you to perform any image-editing task that you require.

After more than 25 years, Adobe Photoshop is still the world’s leading photo editing and image creation software. It is used for everything from enhancing or manipulating photographs for print, to formatting and enhancing digital images for social media and website use. An increasing range of professions including: designers, photographers and marketers have all come to rely on Photoshop.

Whilst there is a great number of image creation and photo editing software available today, Adobe Photoshop has one key benefit that those other packages don’t have: the tight integration with the other software tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. This makes Photoshop the best professional choice. If you don’t yet have the software you can download a free trial from the Adobe website.


Our Adobe Photoshop Courses

We offer a range of one-day Photoshop courses at different levels. Which course is right for you will depend on any existing Photoshop skills you may have. If you’ve never used the software before, start with our Introductory course. Our introductory course is a great way for complete beginners to get started. If you’ve already been using Photoshop we suggest that you begin at an Intermediate level. Our clients say it is a great way to enhance existing skills. More adept Photoshop users will get the most from our Advanced level course. It contains plenty of power-user tips and shortcuts that will benefit even the most experienced of users.

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We can also arrange private, bespoke, Photoshop course bookings for both groups and single learners. This training is available to you either at our studios or on-site at your premises. If you are unsure which level of Photoshop training is the right one for you please contact us for a consultation.

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