• Oct

    Time: 6pm-9pm

    Location: Platform

    Mary Oley: Transitional Topography

    Mary Oley’s work explores the interface between the real and the imagined, using the landscape as a focus. The physicality and experience of inhabiting and viewing the landscape, in situ, via a lens, or remotely through photographs drawings and maps, are persistent themes.

    The work with landscape offers a means of articulating a relationship with the world, and the multiple complexities of internal states represented externally, creating a formal structure in which these multiple possibilities are represented. Landscape acts as a means of recording, inhabiting and processing existential struggles related to separation and transition. The transitory experience of looking and being, and the relationship between loss and possibility

    Oley uses simple accessible digital media. The immediacy of which, is crucial to the process. Much of the footage is shot on a mobile phone, and edited using a basic video programme.

    Mary Oley is a resident Artist at Westland Place Studios, Old Street.


    Private view: Thursday 2nd October 2014, 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

    Exhibition runs from 2nd October – 24th October 2014

    Gallery viewing by appointment.


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