16 Dec

Design Trends Coming Your Way in 2018

It’s that time of year again… the season of mince pies, awards and annual predictions! So – in the spirit of seasonal tradition – as 2018 rolls in, we look at what graphical and design trends the New Year has in store for us…



Retro colours

Experts Pantone have selected Ultra Violet as their shade of the year 2018.

Pantone colour of the year 2018

This fits in with the company’s prediction that we will be moving away from the pastels that have dominated in recent years towards brighter and more intense colours. Expect yellows and turquoises to play a dominant role too. Pantone is also predicting that metallic shades will continue as a leading trend well into 2018.



Bold typography

Another design trend that has been big news over recent years is the trend for large, bold typography.

This trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2018, although some commentators are suggesting that we’ll see more serif-style fonts creeping in to the mix.

Bold fonts




One of the biggest trends in graphic design last year was the use of duotone. We’re expecting this to continue.

Duotone trend in graphic design

Duotone will be a particularly striking design effect with the right choice of the intense retro shades Pantone is predicting we’ll be using next year.



Double exposure

We’re definitely seeing a rise in the double exposure technique, where two images are combined to stunning effect.

Double exposure effect

Some wonderful effects can be achieved by combining these two trends together to create a duotone double exposure effect – either by using two different overlapping pictures or by doubling the same image in different monochrome colours.



Mixed media

The combination of different styles to create a collage effect is definitely a design trend to watch. Line drawing, multi-materials and other techniques combine with photography to play with our expectations and create really novel images to draw us in.
This multi-media approach can be combined with an emerging trend for distorted or ruined effects which also plays with our perceptions of the image.



Silence and solitude

Adobe is predicting a demand for images inspired by isolation; images that answer our longing for quiet and contemplation.

Silence and solitude

It says, ‘In our world of overwhelming and constant digital input, research suggests that silence is one of the least appreciated productivity tools’.




Craft-inspired vector backgrounds are likely to continue as a design trend again through 2018. Inspired by traditional technicians such as wood-block printing and retro prints, monochrome multi-object prints add depth to backgrounds while allowing strong typography to make a statement.


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